Ten Ways to Restore a Broken Marriage

Ten Ways to Restore a Broken Marriage

Here are Ten Ways to Restore a Broken Marriage   

1. Get real with your spouse. Talk about the real issues you have with the marriage.

2. Try “I am sorry.” Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to bring the spark back to the marriage.

3. Weekly date nights. A regular date night will add to your love life.

4. Learn active listening skills. One rule of marriage is: Blessed are those who listen more than they talk.

5. Ask your spouse, "What five things can I do or say that will make you feel safe, respected and loved?"

6. Check the scriptures, study it together and apply its content in your marriage.

7. Give physical intimacy your highest priority…you know what I mean!

8. Compromise is golden. Selfishness and ego will shatter any marriage.

9. Schedule time to play, laugh and have fun. Marriage should be fun. It’s Ok to be kids again.

10. Pray, PRAY, Pray! A couple that prays together, stays together and connects on an emotional level. You unite in your beliefs and values; therefore you bond emotionally and spiritually.

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