21 Qualities of a Great Leader

21 Qualities of a Great Leader

Leadership is often defined as the unique ability to influence and mobilize others towards a goal or action. Yet, great leadership is not easy to come by. A great leader doesn't happen by accident. Here are the 21 Qualities of a Great Leader:

1. Character: Be a piece of the rock.

2. Charisma: The first impression can seal the deal. 

3. Commitment: it separates does from dreamers.

4. Communication: without it you travel alone. 

5. Competence: if you build it they will come. 

6. Courage: one person with courage is a majority. 

7. Discernment: put an end to unsolved mysteries.


8. Focus: the sharper it is the sharper you are.

9. Generosity: your candle loses nothing when it lights another.

10. Initiative: you won’t leave home without it.

11. Listening: to connect with their hearts, use your ears.

12. Passion: take this life and love it.

13. Positive attitude: if you believe you can you can. 

14. Problem solving: you can’t let your problems be a problem.

15. Relationships: if you get along, they’ll get along.

16. Responsibility: if you won’t carry the ball, you can’t lead the team. 

17. Security: competence never compensates for insecurity.

18. Self-discipline: the first person you lead is you.

19. Servanthood: to get ahead, put others first.


20. Teachability: to keep leading keep learning.

21. Vision: you can seize only what you can see.

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