11 Daily Rituals to Love Yourself More

11 Daily Rituals to Love Yourself More

The way you feel about yourself, whether you love yourself or have a difficult time loving yourself, comes across in your interactions with people. Having a positive self-image and genuinely loving yourself shows in your body language and posture, your voice inflections and choice of words; even the type of decisions you make. This affects your personal life as well as your business life. When you love yourself more it's easier for others to love you and to see you as a confident leader

If you have a low view of yourself, without realizing it, you may have poor posture. You subconsciously slouch and have a harder time looking people in the eye. When you don't like yourself, you don't want others to notice you because you can't imagine they will like you much, either. You come across as unsure and timid, even false. You also have less confidence in yourself and this shows, no matter how hard you try to fake it, in how quickly and confidently you make decisions in your life and in your work.

How to Love Yourself More

how to love yourself more

11 Simple Daily Rituals that Help You Love Yourself More:

1. Tell yourself daily that you love yourself. 

The more you say it, the more you'll begin to feel it.

2. Compliment yourself.

Find one thing you like about yourself when you look in the mirror each morning and give yourself a compliment.

3. Take something you don't like about yourself and tell yourself that you do like it.

Do this daily and your thinking will begin to shift and you may just learn to love it! For example, if you notice the wrinkles around your eyes say, “I have lived and learned so much! I have worked hard to earn each and every one of these babies.” Be proud of them like badges you have earned. Think about how you view others that have wrinkles. Would you condemn others for having them? Probably not.

4. Stop noticing or worrying about those things you don't like about yourself.

I guarantee no one else notices those things the way you do.

5. Be aware of your thoughts and change them to positive ones

Listen to yourself throughout the day, really listen to the messages you send yourself all day long. Do you constantly tell yourself negative things? Replace any negative thoughts that regularly fill your mind with positive thoughts. When you walk by a store window and see your reflection, maybe you think,“oh, I need to lose 10 pounds”, replace that inner voice with“there goes a confident person”. Remind yourself that you are out in the world, walking, breathing and bettering yourself, so hold your head up a little higher! 

6. Recognize your inner critic as a liar.

Whenever your inner critic tells you you're not good enough, image yourself squashing it like a bug, call it the liar that it is and repeat to yourself “I am good enough, just as I am”.

7. Recognize that you're not alone.

Everyone around you, no matter how put together and successful they seem, is just as nervous, self conscious, and has their own inner critic critiquing their every decision. The only difference is, they have learned to ignore the lies in their minds and accept who they are. 

8. Accept you for who you are right now.

Most likely you will never stop trying to improve, but find joy in where you are right now, today. You've been telling yourself “I'll be happy when...” instead tell yourself, “I am happy right now”. Keep working towards the life you want, but there is much happiness to be found in each day.

11 ways to love yourself more

9. Spend quiet time alone.

Filling your days with endless work, meetings, social events, and general busyness can be exhausting, increase stress, and also be one way you are trying to distract yourself. Set aside time to be alone, to reflect on yourself. What you would like to change, why, and what steps do you need to take to make those changes, if they are really necessary?What will you decide to accept and to love about yourself? Do some deep thinking about why you feel the way you do about certain aspects of yourself. Can you forgive yourself? Can you love yourself at your current physical fitness level? Can you better care for your mental health so you can handle life in a more positive way? For example, if you are an introvert perhaps you need more alone time than your extroverted friends to recharge, can you allow yourself that time and be okay with it? Take time to learn about yourself and love yourself the way you are. 

10. Stop comparing.

Others have the same doubts and fears, but they put on a brave face so you never know what troubles are going on in their own minds and lives. Everyone makes mistakes and has things they dislike about themselves or are ashamed of. People only like to show others their very best, just like you do. A good example is Facebook profiles. People only share their best photos (most likely cropped and edited to look perfect) and post about their good days. You never hear about their bad days or see photos when they are not looking fabulous. Don't compare yourself to their highlight reel. 

11. Help others. 

This is the absolute best way to love yourself and most important step. If you are a better person, you won't be able to help loving yourself more and there is no quicker way to boost your own happiness then by boosting it for another. Seek out little acts of of kindness, buy coffee for the person in line behind you, open the door for another, give and get involved in your community and causes that are meaningful to you.Focusing on helping others takes the focus off of yourself and often gives you a different outlook on the severity of your own problems.The negative thinking will be easier to replace with positive thoughts and your heart will grow as you extend the love of self to the love of others. 

Make a daily effort to show yourself the same kindness you would give to others, especially to someone you love. With daily practice complimenting yourself and telling yourself positive messages rather than negative ones, you'll start to change the way you think about yourself. Soon those positive thoughts will come more naturally and you'll begin to believe them, as you should.Look for ways to be kind to yourself and others and you will grow to love yourself more. People will notice you have more joy and confidence. You'll walk taller and be more comfortable looking people in the eye with authority. They will trust you with decisions and counsel and desire to be around you more. Your personal and business life will flourish when you love yourself more.

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L. E. Mastilock is a published author, social media marketing manager and content creator with a Pinterest obsession. She runs multiple successful blogs including Sly Cat Social Media. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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